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"As an invited visitor to the  site I have important news – and this is VERY important for you, your family and your future wealth and happiness

However you'll have to study this letter fairly quickly and make a qualified decision as only 30 Video Licensing Vault Packages are currently available. And once they're snapped up, I promise you there will be no more on available for a very long time…

PLUS: You'll also get:

* My ‘All-In-One’ Video Licensing Vault Packages (where I do 99.9% of the work for you, and Includes EVERYTHING You Need To Get Up And Running – And Making Money – Very Fast…

* The opportunity to partner with me on a brand new project which could pull in upto £100k - Read on for further details

Monday, January 28th, 2019

From the desk of: Sarwan Sumon


Forgive me, but I just can't sit still in my seat for too long!

For the very first time and just to a small handful of my students I am offering a unique opportunity to obtain the Licensing Rights to a top class selection of some of my really hot video information products.

Products that I've taken from my own personal £50,000.00+ product vault - that's the secret, secure area where I keep the master copies of every single information product I have ever written, created, programmed, videod or licensed.

Every product in this phenomenal NEW PACKAGE has
immense appeal to many tens of thousands of people...
And I don't see the demand for them stopping EVER!

Here's what that means...

When you consider each product in this NEW VIDEO LICENSING PACKAGE gives you the profit potential to make WELL IN EXCESS of £10,000.00 for hardly any effort whatsoever... (and I’ll PROVE this to you in just a moment) you're looking at a business package with a potential value to you of well over £100,000.00+ in your first year alone.

How does that sound to you?

Look, I personally know that with this Video Licensing Vault Package YOU CAN make some really serious money. I mean, serious money!

Plus... I'll also give you something NO ONE ELSE can provide to help you succeed.

This is completely unique.

Your Video Licensing Vault package also comes with my brand new Instant Set Up Wizard Software. (More on this in a moment…) This is Software I’ve developed in-house to automate and customise all your marketing and even helps set up your order processing! Everything you need to help put your high-profit business on autopilot.

So I guarantee (even if you are a complete Internet newbie) - You will still be able to set up EACH of the 10 licensed products I am about to introduce you to within 30 minutes - from start to finish!

I'll explain more about this amazing new software in just a moment, but for now please just understand that you will be able to take each product out the box and have it ready for sale without knowing ANY "techie stuff"

The Video Licensing Vault Package I'm about to introduce you to will give you every tool you need, including:

  • Several, Great, In Demand Video Information Products
  • Professional Quality Order Pulling Sales Letters
  • Professional Quality Video Squeeze Pages
  • Professional Quality Website Graphics and Sales Letter Web Templates
  • Credit card processing and instant products ready to sell and profit from (with secure online payment processing)
  • The Instant Setup Wizard Software Package I'll be giving you with this package customises everything for you!
  • Click by click, ‘hold your hand’ Video Instruction. Just follow my lead, do all that I show you AND YOU WILL SUCCEED! - You really can follow it step by step…
  • Life-time access to my all brand new point-and-click "automation" application...
  • Much, much more.

But first...

A Question I’m Sure You Have Already Thought Of Is:“Why Are You Doing This Sarwan?”

Most of my customers who have read and studied all my reports, DVDs and home study courses about licensing have been urging me to find them suitable licensing products that they can resell.

Many of my customers can see the massive profit potential of taking ordinary products, and turning them into sales of hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of pounds (or more).

But they’re not sure how or where to start. Which is why I made a commitment to them when they bought my course and I said I would help them in any way I can.

and NOT eBooks…

Let me explain… if you hadn’t already realized it, we’re living in the AUDIOVISUAL age. In other words, your prospects and customers (unlike their parents and gradparents) have grown up watching TV and videos, and are comfortable with this new format of information.

What does this mean for you? Simple really…

Video Products and Video Marketing Has Become The New
‘X Factor’ In Online Information Delivery Systems…

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Web 2.0’. Well, all it means is the Internet is no longer a silent, passive affair. Web 2.0 is a 2-way communication device which allows you to interact with others in a huge number of ways – which gives you the savvy marketer a LOT more ways to make money online…

Chances are you’ve visited a few websites recently. What do most of them have in common? Well, they all have sales copy (the words on the page), but almost all the good ones ALSO have some kind of video at the top of the page (or Camtasia screen shots), either of Testimonial-givers, or of the head of the company.

No two ways about it - Video Marketing is the biggest show in town’, THE information-delivery format which has changed the ‘Rules’ of the Information Marketing game - for ever…

So you need to be ‘inside’ this new paradigm shift – or else you’ll be left outside (not a good place to be). Fortunately, I can help you master, and make money from, this powerful information delivery format.

All thanks to the contents of my brand new Video Licensing Vault Package

It’s taken me a little while to make the perfect product selection, but at last - here they all are! All of them are 'ready-to-go' and they're yours for the taking, if of course you're serious about wanting to make some really big money from licensing!

The Secret Of Successful Business Is Knowing How To Get To Market

The real trick behind every online business success is knowing how to get to market - and that, as you well know, usually means creating your own products or searching for licenses, creating the marketing materials, setting up a website… creating the packaging… topped by the hard slog of selling.

But hold on just a minute!

What if - literally and genuinely - I had done all the hard work for you?

What if I gave you EVERYTHING you actually need to succeed?

As you've already discovered through the licensing report and DVD, Licensing is one of the easiest (and one of the most profitable) businesses you could ever run from home.

Now I can help YOU do this faster, cheaper and easier than you ever thought possible.

What I'm Offering You Here Is What
ANYONE Who Is Serious About Licensing Wants

I'm offering you a complete business package that:

  • Is so simple it almost runs itself!
  • Requires little or no effort from you.
  • Puts massive amounts of money in your pocket.
  • Gives you the lifestyle you long for.
  • Provides the freedom you seek.
  • Takes away all your money worries.
  • Puts paid to the grind of the daily 9-5!
  • Is up and running for very little money down.
  • Requires NO meetings or face to face selling
  • Requires NO merchant account to take orders
  • Requires NO stock (which usually piles up in your garage)
  • Automatically sends your customer’s products to their front door

You want an income and rewards without really working? Well, you're looking it - it's all right here!

But There Is One ‘Catch’…

I'm not making this offer to an awful lot of people.

It is not ever "going to go public". It is for your eyes only and please - I beg you - do not share the contents of this website with anyone else!

Demand will be hot, and I know I am going to sell out quickly because like I've already said I have NEVER offered any licenses to any of the video products in my secure product vault before now. And I know you'd hate it, really hate it, if you missed out on this. I mean, you've already got the original Licensing report and DVD... So to miss out on just the simplest and best Video Licensing Package in the business, one that'll take you further and help you get to your financial dreams, it'll hurt, I know.

This offer is being made to you personally and to a few other specially selected people who, like you, have been invited specially.

Now it's time for you to step up and claim
all the cash you want

  • If you recall, in the licensing report, I gave you several real life examples of the kind of money I have banked with my own licensing business.
  • My successes ranged from a simple product that brought in £1,935.00 from a simple £52 investment and made £1,883.00 in pure profit in less than a week!
  • Another larger project turned in over £641,585.15 less costs of £68,355.00 to leave me with a healthy profit of £573,230.15 in 12 months!

Makes you think doesn't it?  And all I was doing was selling customers copies of products that other people had created and I had licensed! All I had to do was find the products I could license - and that was the only hard part!

PLUS… As you'll find out in a moment JUST ONE of the licenses I'm making available for the first time ever today made me over £6,217.10 in under 24 hours… [more on this in a minute…]

This time ALL the hard work has been done for you!

It's not only me that's making mega earnings! There are many entrepreneurs and people just like you who are now making a handsome living this way.

But right now, this story is about YOU!

Can you imagine shelling out a measly £52 in just one week to hook yourself a giant £1,883 in pure profit? WITHOUT going anywhere near a casino, or bookies!

That's what the licensing business can do for you and it's got nothing to do with gambling... As I told you earlier, this was one of my own licensing successes - and I have had plenty more since … producing EVEN BIGGER PROFITS!

You can expect similar.

Do the maths … license one such product a week for just one year and you could be looking at £97,916 in profit for next to no work! This is REAL MONEY - not a mathematical exercise!

How about a punt that bags you over £573,230 in pure profit? These are real figures from things I've actually done.

And I simply want you to copy my own success!

No one with any intelligence doubts that distributing products over the internet is a sure-fire way to make money - AND lots of it! Why? Simple. Well, four main reasons:

  • The internet is where EVERYONE is looking these days.
  • There is your market - right there - and it is truly global.
  • There are NO BARRIERS to what you can do and where you can go. None at all.
  • You literally have BILLIONS of customers to sell to!

No Other Business Model Compares To A Licensing Business

I know that licensing can deliver your dream life for you, just as it has for me,

And That’s Why I've Put Together This Video Licensing Vault Package…

  1. It gives you a 'handpicked selection' of products I’m convinced you cannot fail with.

2. You won't need to source any more products, rewrite and redesign marketing material, packaging material and write new sales letters for a very long time.

3. Plus I will give you everything you need to start right away, straight out of the box and, from the moment you open your package, you'll be ready and equipped to go.

4. In fact, as you'll discover, you can even remove the wrapper and take each licensed
product out of the box and have it online and ready to sell in LESS then 30 minutes.

And most important of all…

5. It has all been done for you I’ve done all the work – you get all the money. All you'll ever have to do is roll out project after project after project, and KEEP all the money you make (without having to pay me a penny more in royalties or anything silly like that…)

How easy can that be?

Someone else has already spent the time researching, creating, filming, editing, designing and producing the products and sales materials for you. All you have to do is roll each product out for profit. It really is that simple!

Huge mark-ups and massive profits

The products I'm offering you licenses to here are top quality video tutorial CD products. They have to be.

I have a reputation to uphold. I'm not interested in those crappy 500-PLR-Ebook-on-a-disk kinds of offers that a billion people already have.

You shouldn't be either. And, let me tell you, you won't ever make any serious money simply by trying to sell £5 reports. You'll only ever reach the WRONG sort of people with the WRONG sort of offer.

However, if you really want to make serious money by running a licensing business from home, then you have to market seriously interesting and highly desirable information products your customers want, need and will pay cold hard cash for…

That's how the pros, the people who make seriously spectacular money, do it.
(One guy that I know personally literally makes several million pounds profit every year running exactly this type of licensing business from his luxury home right here in the UK.)

The profit margins on licensed quality products can be embarrassingly high. You can make lots of money legally with literally '000s % mark-up profit margins!

And you can do this for the rest of your life!

So are you ready to make thousands of pounds each week or every month for just a few hours of work?

If you are and you're ready, then let's get on with it!

First of all, let me show you exactly what am I offering…

And please remember I am offering licenses to these video products - FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER... each product has been specially selected from my very own exclusive video licensing vault package.

  • All these products have massive appeal and will be eagerly wanted by many tens of thousands of potential customers!
  • All these products contain valuable current information and have many years of saleability ahead of them.
  • All these products sell for sensible prices and people will happily pay you, day in day out, week in week out, for them.
  • All these are products that have been specially chosen by me to help you to succeed in business!

Here’s Is What You Get...
The Video Licensing Vault…

  • 10 high quality, red-hot products ready for you to sell. Products that are well researched and purposely written and recorded to give you a seriously smoking profit producing advantage over everyone else!
  • PLUS… all 10 of these products come with ‘White Label’ licenses (so effectively they are YOURS to do with as you wish).
  • These 10 products are all computer disk-based multimedia applications, and will be sent to you on a CD-Rom, plus you will also receive a Production Master Disc that contains everything you need to market the product which you should keep safely.
  • My advice is simple. Customers want and like HARD-COPY PRODUCTS IN THE POST. You know it yourself. It’s always nice to receive high-quality products through the post, something tangible and valuable. Well, guess what? That’s how your customers feel too!
  • This one secret alone could make you a million pounds. That’s no idle boast by the way – I know this from personal experience, where the bulk of my fortune was made by sending hard-copy products in the post… [NOT downloadable ebooks! But don’t worry – I’ve even taken care of the duplication and fulfilment for you]
  • 10 sizzling sales packages I specially commissioned to be created by skilled direct response marketers and product developers who really know how to work the Internet and extract maximum sales. These products have been created to "fly off the shelves"!
  • 10 Professionally designed (and highly effective) Video Squeeze Pages… (I’ll show you much more on this – with live examples – in just a moment)
  • 10 Professionally designed product graphic packages that come complete with ALL the images you'll ever need: Product eCovers, headers and footers - Plus juicily enticing web templates. In my opinion, these are the most
    professional, sales inducing marketing materials you will ever see!
  • You get the full no-holds-barred re-branding and White Label rights to all 10 of the products. You can do ANYTHING you want to these hot little numbers. Put your name on them and make them your own, twist them around, pair them up and combine them with other products - make them work for you in your own unique way!
  • You also get the unique 'Instant Set-Up Wizard Software' for each product that will guide you through everything you need to know in order to take the product out of the box and have it ready for sale on your website in 30 minutes or less.
  • And there's also full training, help and support for you every step of the way - to help you succeed. If you have any questions at all I'll be here for you.

And here's what you don't have to do, or worry about:

Your Entire Video Licensing Vault Business Will Also Be Fully Automated (Without the need for):

  • NO NEED for a Specialist Credit Card Processing Machine
    (you can use PayPal)
  • NO NEED for A CD-Burner (unless you really want to do things the hard way…)
  • NO NEED to make, post or fulfill ANYTHING whatsoever.
    (Unless you are glutton for punishment!)
  • NO STOCK filling up your garage. (Leaving plenty of room for that shiny new sports car you have been promising yourself)

Your customers will still get sent their products automatically (RIGHT AFTER they pay you.)

But it all happens without you lifing a finger!

There's virtually NO LIMIT to what you can do with these products.

All I'm going to ask and expect is THAT YOU SUCCEED - BIG STYLE!

So, what is actually in the box?

Every one of these BIG selling licensed products!

And here's how each one of them adds up to help you to write your own super success story:

Grab your Video Licensing Vault package today and this is what your Publishing Empire will look like tomorrow: (Just picture what these products would do for your business profits)

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Everything In Your Brand New Video Licensing Vault Package, PLUS All The Tools You Get To Sell Them:

a video thumbnail


Take advantage of this offer right now... 

Just click the investment button below...


Hot License Product #1:
Easy Outsourcing Secrets

You know it. I know it. And every high-performance person knows it. The secret of successful business is knowing how to outsource almost all the work effectively (and NOT do it all yourself).

And when it comes to outsourcing for most Netprenuers, website design is very high on this list.

Why? Simple, because your website is the key to your online fortune. Get it wrong, and you lose your shirt. But get it right, and the money will pour in…

Just two problems, and they’re big ones…

Do you have web design work that you need completed but you do not know how to do it yourself?

Have you been thinking of trying to outsource that site design work but you are not sure where to start?

If the answer to either of these questions is "YES" the chances are it’s true for hundreds of thousands of netpreneurs across the globe.

And I have VERY good news… Thanks to the Easy Outsourcing Secrets Video Tutorial Toolkit you’ll discover how to save thousands of dollars on website fees, and months of trial, error and frustration, by outsourcing your website design work directly to web programrs ,at a fraction of the cost of most web designers.

Yes, Even If You Zero Web Design Experience, Easy Outsourcing Secrets Shows You How To Get A Professional site Online In Next To No Time For A Fraction Of The Money You Can Make From Your Top-Notch Website…

All you have to do is follow the step by step processes outlined in this revolutionary video system and you will soon have a series of cash-producing, money-pump website.

Here Are Just Some Of The Many Secrets Revealed In Easy Outsourcing Secrets

  • How To Get WHAT You Want WHEN You Want It - Outsourcing website design work can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before... After all, the designer can only design what you tell them. Easy Outsourcing Secrets shows you the simple ways to communicate effectively with a designer to get exactly what you want, and make sure you get an original web design (and not some cheap template).
  • Why You NEVER Need To Pay Upfront For Any Service Ever Again – In Easy Outsourcing Secrets, you’ll discover you why you never want to pay for your web design in advance. Plus (and get this) where you can find highly-skilled experts who are happy to work for you with no money down and no payments until you are 100% happy with the work they've done for you. This way you can never lose.
  • Also included in Easy Outsourcing Secrets are details of how to negotiate to get the best prices for your outsourcing jobs, and exactly where to go to find all of the outsource workers you’ll ever need to do your design work for you.
  • How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Knowing What Is Important On Your Website (So You Can Make Money Money More Often [With Less Time, Money And Effort] From All Your Webpages) HTML, Coding, Script. These vital parts of your website are invisible to your customers. But it’s crucial you get them working together (otherwise your site won’t work and you don’t make any money – and sit there scratching your head wondering why).

    Well thanks to Easy Outsourcing Secrets, you can guarantee your coder designs your site gives you exactly what you want and need for maximum profit, from every single one of your websites.

And much, much more...

Hot License Product #2:
Voiceover Income Secrets

Can you talk? Can you follow simple instructions? Then you could be on the verge of a lucrative new career as a voiceover artist. As the multi-media industry grows on the Internet and TV the demand for good voice talent is booming and greater than ever.

And it’s VITAL you master this new skills, either to drive your own business forward, or to give yourself more opportunities to make money.

With all of the new multimedia websites popping up, radio and TV advertising the need for competent voice artists means demand is far outstripping supply.

But how can you exploit these fantastic opportunities? The answer lies in a simple guide
called Voiceover Income Secrets, your fast-track to financial freedom.

Thanks to what you’ll discover in Voiceover Income Secrets, you can cash in on this multimedia explosion and enjoy a relaxed, high income lifestyle which will be the envy of your friends.

But don’t think you have to speak like The Queen, be someone famous, or be afraid of your regional accent, to get voiceover work. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With voiceover work, you are the boss. You can start working anytime, anyplace, anywhere. All you need is a computer and microphone (both cheap and easy to get and use), and away you go!

In The Voiceover Incomes Secrets Guide, you’ll discover…

  • How to start with the end in mind and plan your voiceover career success
  • Why it's doesn't matter if you are male or female, young or old, or if you speak with an accent (and how to find an endless list of voiceover clients desperate for your services)
  • How to land great voiceover jobs on TV, Radio, commercials, radio jingles, corporate and industrial training presentations, and even cartoons!
  • The little-known, but highly profitable voiceover niche markets (such as audio books, phone recordings, website videos, and yes, even information products, such as website audio content), and how you can cash in big time.

And much, much more…

Thanks To The Voiceover Income Secrets Video Course, You Are Minutes Away From Getting Everything You Need To Start Working From Home Right Now

Yes. You decide when you want to work, how much you want to work, how much you charge for your work, when you feel like taking a vacation or a day off...

In short, the short video course revealed in Voiceover Income Secrets gives you everything you need to get started working from home with just your voice, a microphone and a personal computer.

Hot License Product #3:
Secret Copywriting Formula

Probably the most important business skill you’ll ever need to ensure your business success is learning how to write effective sales copy.

It’s all very well driving lots of traffic to your website, or lining up JV or affiliate deals with the ‘players’ in your niche. If the copy doesn’t work, you won’t make any money. Period.

Think about it. No matter how good your product or service, if you can’t put words on paper to persuade customers to send you money, you’ll go broke. But if you can do this, your business success is almost guaranteed.

Now you grab your share of this multi-billion dollar industry (and discover how to put together simple sales messages which bring you money – even if you’re hopeless at English and don’t like writing) thanks to The Secret Copywriting Formula video course.

Inside The Secret Copywriting Formula video course,
you’ll discover:

  • The Single Most Important Thing To Do When Writing Copy, and How To Effectively Use This 1 Simple Thing To Sky Rocket Your Results By 1200%...
  • How To Instantly Get 50% More Opt-Ins And Sales, Without Sending One Extra Person To Your Site...
  • 7 Surefire Headline Templates That Have Made Billions of Dollars In Sales, And How You Can Change Just A Few Words To Easily Make $30,000 In A Weekend...
  • How To Engage The Reader To Take Action From The Very First Word Of Your Copy, And How To Get Them To Beg You To Let The Buy..
  • How To Bypass The 'Skeptical' Trigger And 'Sales Barrier' In Your Customers Mind To Guarantee That They Buy Now...
  • The Infamous 1-2 Punch That Will Make Your Customers Literally Say... "I Got To Have This!"...
  • The 'Secret' Formula For 7 Figure Copy, That ALL The Major 'Gurus' Use...
  • The one paragraph you MUST include in every piece of sales copy you ever write to boost response rates through the roof...
  • CASE STUDY: "How I Generated $17,987 In Sales Over 3 Days": you get to see how a complete copywriting novice –starting from scratch - raked in a cool $17,987.00 in just three days (INCLUDES: where he started, what he did, and how his project was a profit-rich success…)

The Secret Copywriting Formula video course... A Simple ‘Joint-The-Dots’ Formula For High-Profit Copy

It doesn’t matter whether you can barely write or hated English, The Secret Copywriting Formula video course gives you the Keys to the Castle. Forget about trying to write flowery English like Shakespeare. That doesn’t work. Instead, you’ll see how easy it is to follow this formula, and write simple sales letters which make your cash registers ring...

Hot License Product #4:
Traffic Stealing Secrets

You’ve got the website up and running. The sales copy is sizzling hot. And you’re ready to rule your online world. But you don’t make ANY sales… [Perhaps this has happened to you?]

What’s wrong with this picture?

Simple, one of the keys to your online success is missing – and that key is TRAFFIC.

FACT: No visitors, equals no cash. So if you want to start making sales then you need traffic and lots of it.

If you’re not getting FREE traffic to your website from the search engines then you either have to pay for it, or do without.

The problem is unless you have a high-ranking blog in your niche topic, or know some friends who want to send you free traffic (which is incredibly unlikely, because nobody gives traffic away for free) then you need to be able to drive traffic yourself.

The problem is driving traffic is very plain hard if you don't know what you're doing, driving traffic to your site is VERY hard work.

Not sure how to drive more traffic to your site? Well now you can get thousands of extra visitors to your website anytime you want, with the simple tips, techniques and strategies inside Traffic Stealing Secrets.

Traffic Stealing Secrets Your Insider Guide To Attracting Traffic On Command (Yes, Even For ‘Newbies’ And Technophobes)

This short program (which anyone can use and profit from) gives you everything you need to know. Step-by-step templates. The do’s and don’ts of traffic attraction. Even…

How To Get High Volumes Of Traffic (From A Standing Start And At Any Time) In Under 72 Hours…

Here's just some of what you'll be uncovering in this video
seminar course...

  • An Introduction To Getting Traffic (for beginners, experts, andeveryone in-between) - You'll discover how to leverage the little-known big profit methods to get your website listed on the first page of Google every time (a HUGE advantage)
  • How to drive traffic to your site – and do it FAST and BIG - Everything you really need to have (and what almost all the “gurus” don’t even know) about why and how the traffic will come to YOUR site (PLUS: how you can do this anytime you want…)
  • Warp Speed Content Creation – The quick and easy low-cost and no-cost ways to automate content creation (so the traffic goes to you and not a competitor – simple when you know how…)
  • Elite Level Duplication Secrets Uncovered – How to duplicate your successes, so your cash-cow system gets easier to use (and make money from) every time you use it (mind-blowing strategies, so pay attention)
  • Business booming? Need help? How to outsource and ‘scale up’ your online business – When you start, you’re the jack of all trades. But when the big traffic (and money) arrives, you’ll need help. Here’s what to do and how to use it to get the maximum bang for your buck…

And much, much more…

Hot License Product #5:
Public Domain Traffic Secrets

Your website is working. You sales copy is sizzling hot. But there’s one crucial piece of content missing from your website, and that’s CONTENT! So it’s high time I let you in on a trade secret of mine…

You see, the top level marketers have been using content from books in the public domain for many years, to create new derivative products.
But I ‘m about to tell you about a public domain secret that no one ever talks about... up until now.

Yes – these proven experts exploit a rarely used part of the public domain to create all the free blog and article content they need, and use that content to drive tons of traffic to their websites.

How? Simple. Thanks to the secrets, strategies and techniques in Public Domain Traffic Secrets, your easy to follow online video seminar ‘Roadmap’ to finding, using and earning a fortune from readily-available Public Domain content.

Public Domain Traffic Secrets – The Inside Edge You Won’t Get Anywhere Else…

Here's just some of what you'll be uncovering in the Public Domain Traffic Secrets video seminar...

  • An Introduction To Finding (And Profiting From) High-Quality Content (INCLUDES: exactly where to find all the public domain articles you could ever use for top-notch content.
  • How to get hold of “your” articles to turn into Scripts you can use to create video and blog content (PLUS – content to blast out to article directory sites)
  • The insider methods for using articles as outlines to create full-blown information products
  • How to start a content delivery network (and SELL the content to your subscribers for huge turnkey profits)
  • The sneaky (but 100% legal) techniques you can use to drive traffic to any website at any time
  • How to get rich in your Niche (PLUS…get content in any niche, and use it as your own in the online marketplace)
  • The best, most profitable ways to make a quick fortune from your content (you get the exact step-by-step methods for how to use public domain articles in your business and drive it forward FAST, rather than having content written for you by a 3rd party – plus it saves you a small fortune too…)
  • How to run your ‘content-machine’ on AUTOPILOT (whilst you sit back, relax, and count the flood of profits coming your way).

And much, much more…

Hot License Product #6:
Income Ignition

Times are tough right now. REALLY tough. What with massive downsizing at companies big and small, record levels of debt, the stock market nose-diving into oblivion and property market prices in freefall, you might be forgiven for thinking that there’s no way left for the ‘little guy’ to get rich.

Well I’ve got news for you. And it’s GOOD… Why? Simple really, because… I Will Show You How To Go From Making £3,000 to £15,000.00, £30,000.00, Even £60,000.00 A Month Doing No More Work Than You’re Doing Right Now

Want to finally break through that glass ceiling income level that you have hit and start making 5,10, even 50 times what you currently make? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then keep reading as the next few sentences could be the answer to your financial prayers…

Start Seeing More Money In As Little As Two Weeks...

If you get started today with The Income Ignition Video Series step-by-step system, you’ll see the first positive results (and a massive new income for you) within the next 14 days.

You Are Minutes Away From Discovering The Secrets Of How to Leverage Time For Cash

Secrets which I’ve slogged for YEARS to discover. Secrets which have made me almost £4 million in my 10-year business career…

I do have a confession to make though. The Income Ignition Video Series isn’t glamorous or exciting. In fact after first watching the videos you may not be incredibly impressed…

Until you put into action what you see, and start making some VERY glamorous AND exciting new income! The kind of life-changing results - achieved in an incredibly short amount of time – guaranteed to create your dream lifestyle faster than you ever imagined possible.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In The Income Ignition Video Series…

  • How to use high-end products to generate life-changing new streams of multiple income at a whole new (and much higher) level than you ever thought possible.
  • The secrets of Powerful Copywriting (INCLUDES: how important sales copy is to your success, why it must be the number one priority in your marketing, and how to leverage this power to transform your debts into massive ongoing wealth…)
  • Where the REAL money is made in your business (HINT: look ‘back’ and ‘up’! All is revealed here…)
  • Leverage – the NINTH Wonder Of The Business World [PLUS: how to benefit from other people's time and resources to catapult your profits through the roof)
  • How to make residual income work for you in your business and life (even if you’re just starting out)

And much, much more…

Hot License Product #7:
Fearless Success

Let’s face it. We all feel afraid of something (or even someone) at certain times in our lives, don’t we?
Sometimes it’s a natural human fear of dangerous, even life-threatening situations (which protects us from harm). But for many people, the sad fact is their fears could be sabotaging their long-term success and happiness.

Be honest. Have you ever let fear of failure stand in the way of your success?

Do you believe you're capable of great things in your life, yet time and time again you keep running into roadblocks? (and you’re not sure why?)

If you’ve ever thought about these issues before, let me assure you that you're not alone! Fear of failure stops more people in their tracks than would ever believe. Even many highly-talented people who, for a variety of reasons, never fulfil their limitless potential.

That’s the bad news. The good news is Today is the day you can put an end to this vicious cycle of failure and frustration, and Turn Your Fear Into Success". All thanks to The Fearless Success Video Series.

This breakthrough Video Series will helps you identify the root causes of your self-sabotage, shatter your self-limiting beliefs, and empower you to embrace your true destiny of lifelong wealth and happiness (without the pain, fear and regret of negative belief-patterns getting in the way of your success).

Here are just some of the success tactics you'll discover in
Fearless Success...

  • Why you should never use “positive thinking” they way you've been taught in the past (and what you must do instead to guarantee your lifelong success and happiness…)
  • How to plant ‘the seeds of success’ which blossom into amazing ‘happiness trees’ (even when you’re in the depths of despair right now and you least expect them to)
  • How to predict success before you start working on a project (the what, why and how – you get it all right here…)
  • The little-known techniques for supercharging your motivation & confidence (The best part: you can use these ‘on demand’ in 3 seconds or less – check THIS out!)
  • Why almost every ‘self-help’ course fails miserably to give ANY practical help or advice to its readers (and how you can avoid persistent failure – and these ‘loser’ courses - forever)
  • How to fast track key projects, so you achieve more, become more and make a LOT more money REVEALED: how to crank out a 2 month project in just a week or two through insider action techniques.

And much, much more…

Hot License Product #8:
Video Squeeze Page Profits

The world of internet marketing is ever-changing, and never stands still. First it was emails. Then it was static webpages. But the hottest ‘online deal’ right now is VIDEO SQUEEZE PAGES.

Why? Simply because we live in the audiovisual age, where prospects and customers take in information in ways unimaginable even 20 years ago.

Plus, these customers are growing more demanding, and if all the ‘big players’ (and your competitors) are using Video Squeeze Pages, then you need to get on this right now.

You know it yourself. When it comes to increasing subscriber opt-in rates (and how much online cash you can make), knowing how to build a page which works (and converts well) is the Holy Grail for online marketers big and small.

But there’s a problem… Learning how to build killer websites that convert subscribers and buyers takes a lot of time and practice. Of course you can hire this work out to professionals but for certain design work like killer video squeeze pages it can get expensive.

I‘m not talking about just slapping any old video up on a white page with an opt in form. I'm talking about the totally professional graphically intensive squeeze pages that just scream "you're going to earn bucketloads of cash when you opt in here".

Do You Want The Same Kind Of Opt-In Rates As The ‘Big Guys’?

Imagine for a moment. If you can get just 5% more opt-ins than you’re getting now. How much would that be worth to you?

How much more product would you sell if you added thousands of new subscribers to your list each and every month?

Well, now there’s a way where you get the best of BOTH worlds. Where you get that all-important ‘professional look and feel’, but (and here’s the crucial part) – you get it for next to no cost. What’s more, you also make a LOT of money in the process from each and every video squeeze page you upload.

And you can get this expert knowledge simply by watching the Video Squeeze Page Profits video series…

What's Included In The Video Squeeze Page Profits Set?

Here's just some of what you'll discover in this video seminar course...

  • The truth about STOCK PHOTOS - Where to go to get the best low cost (and NO cost) stock photos for your webpages (this’ll SAVE you a small fortune, and eliminate any copyright worries for good)
  • How to Integrate Your Squeeze Page Form For Maximum Effect And Profit [INCLUDES: How to build your opt in form into a graphical interface so it looks like part of the graphic rather than a ‘boring’ vanilla opt-in form on page – this small change will make a BIG difference to your opt-in rates – and profits, so pay attention!)
  • Video Placement UNCOVERED – (Where should you place your video on the screen?  Forget a simple video on a white page: you’ll see you how to build it right into the graphics to make it look like it belongs there)
  • How to make your opt-in page irresistible to prospects (and build your list faster and larger than ever before – find out how here…)
  • How to put up your pages VERY FAST (I’ll reveal the quick, cheap AND easy ways to crank out top-quality, cash-producing, opt-in dense video squeeze pages – in under two hours… )

And much, much more…

Hot License Product #9:
Instant Traffic Ignition

As I told you before, there are several core elements you need to build a high-profit, highly successful website. And whilst content, copy and design are all key features, they don’t add up to a hill of beans unless you have TRAFFIC directed to your site.

But not just any old traffic. You want targeted, responsive, high-quality traffic. And LOTS OF IT…
Would You Like To Drive THOUSANDS Of Extra Visitors To Your Site – And Make Profit On Command?

Would you like to learn how to drive relevant traffic on demand, and be able to increase your rankings in the search engines?

And all this without being an SEO or HTML genius?

If you’re like me getting traffic was the biggest obstacle I had to overcome when I started my Internet marketing business. I also knew how vital it was to drive as much traffic as possible to my site as quickly as possible.

It took me many years, thousands of hours of work and tens of thousands of pounds before I finally uncovered the secrets of successful traffic generation.

Secrets YOU Now Have The Chance To Discover In The Instant Traffic Ignition Video Series…

So if you're looking for a real way that you can start driving traffic to your website, and you're not afraid of a little bit of work, then you're going to be shocked when you see how simple and easy it is to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. All thanks to the Instant Traffic Ignition video series.

What's Included In The Instant Traffic Ignition Series?

Here's just some of what you'll be uncovering in this video seminar course...

  • Your Beginner’s Guide To Instant Traffic Trends - How to understand current online trends and ‘hot’ upcoming events (and use them for fun and profit in your business… PLUS: how to take brand-new trends and searches totally new to the Internet and exploit them for everything they're worth. )
  • How to get FREE First Page listings in Google (think it can’t be done? You’ll change your mind when you see THESE amazing secrets…)
  • The ‘Thinking Linking’ Strategies guaranteed to ring your cash registers fast [INCLUDES: everything you need to know about linking, which linking strategies work (and how to cash in on them) and what you absolutely must NOT do when it comes to linking to your website (avoid these money-pit mistakes like the plague – see what they are – and the ones which DO work – right here…)]
  • The simple ways to create top-quality content for next to nothing (when it comes to getting traffic, you need good content. Find out how to create it here…)
  • How to set up your Instant Traffic Ignition traffic-building strategies to run like clockwork (and enjoy more free time – and more profits – as a result)

And much, much more…

Hot License Product #10:
Apple iPhone Secrets

  • Imagine you want to download a program for your computer, and instead of googling for it (and getting lost online) you always go to one central website.
  • This website would include every program in existence, reviews for the programs and a simple way to buy and download the programs, without using your credit card.
  • Imagine that every program has been vetted to ensure they work correctly for your computer. Plus (and this is the kicker) they contain no viruses.
  • One click is all it takes to install this ‘App’ to your computer and all you have to do is click the icon to launch the application.

How Can You Do All This? Simple. By Using What’s Called An ‘App Store’

And what's even more impressive is that you can do all this from your iPhone in minutes.

Oh, and by the way, just to let you know – iPhone Apps – and App Store – is here to stay. In just a few short months, App Store (starting from absolute zero) has catapulted itself into market leadership and the creation of the fastest-growing multi billion-pound industry you’ve never heard of – UNTIL NOW.

Still not sure? Well, did you know...

...that 10 million people own iPhones...

… 100 MILLION iPhone applications have been downloaded in the last two months...

… £20 million a month is being made from apps...

… £500,000.00 a DAY is going into developer's pockets... and part of that could be yours...

(Recently, one developer spent 24 hours creating an application and netted £20,000.00 his first day.)

Why iPhone Applications?

You’ve probably heard about iPhone applications on the news, or from your friends or colleaguyes, without really understanding what they are, how they work and theie huge profit potential

  • iPhone has an amazing framework to develop on.  Plus Developers love it, because it offers tremendous power and speed for
    developing apps.
  • You don't have to create big apps. Tiny little apps have become the most popular (and profitable), and means you can get started
    cheaply and quickly.
  • You don't have to worry about taking payment from customers. It’s all taken care of for you. You don't have to worry about merchant accounts or anything like that. You'll simply get a cheque in the post.
  • You don't need a website. This is a big one, especially if you’re not a ‘techie’. You don't need to host any files. You don't have to worry about customers losing your application. It’s all done for you.
  • You don't need to do any promotion. It’s one thing to build an app. It's another to get people to notice. Since everyone uses the same App Store, you have access to the 10 million iPhone owners who can see your app.

Two More Compelling Reasons Why You Should Be Developing Apps For iPhone, Right Now, Today...

There are relatively few number of applications available on App Store right now. 10 million iPhone owners, 100 million downloads and only about 3,000 apps currently available. Supply is limited, demand is high. You know what that means…

You need to grasp this opportunity NOW. iPhone and App Store is here to stay. But being ‘in’ at the start has huge advantages. Bottom line? Get on board NOW and you’ll make serious money…

And the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to grab your share of this multi-billion pound market is to use The iPhone Apps Guide, the simple Video tutorial series which reveals everything you need to know about creating and selling iPhone applications.

The iPhone Apps Guide – Your Fast-Track To Financial Freedom…

The iPhone Apps Guide shows you everything you need to know about developing highly-profitable iPhone apps.

The best part? You don't need to know how to program. If you can write your own name, I can show you step-by-step how to create apps.
That’s right. With the iPhone Apps Guide, you get an easy-to-use reference guide which walks you through the entire process of creating applications, and answers to the key ‘need to know’ questions such as:

  • What do I need from Apple to get started?
  • What does the process of creating an app look like from start to end?
  • What do I need to keep in mind when creating apps?
  • What do I need to know when putting an app up for folks to download?
  • What am I missing – which I can now use to turn this into a turnkey profit process and boost my income?


And Here’s EXACTLY What You Get With The iPhone Apps Guide...

The iPhone Apps Guide includes videos, audio, notes, checklists, action plans and personal feedback. Everything you need to create iPhone apps, even if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool technophobe…

Part 1: "iPhone and App Store Insider's Guide." INCLUDES: how to leverage iPhone platforms, and what you must do to develop your own apps.

Part 2: "Sample Apps Review and your Blueprint." INCLUDES: Case Studies of several leading apps (to model and generate ideas for your business) PLUS… planning for your short, medium and long-term success…

Part 3: "Finding a Programmer and the Build." Finding an iPhone developer can be tough, but it’s VERY simple with the help of The iPhone Apps Guide. INCLUDES: the step-by-step, ‘hiring-planning-profiting’ iPhone Apps Profit Blueprint you need to get up and running and making money fast.

Part 4: "Submitting to App Store and Profit" You’ve followed Steps 1-3. Your app is ready to go. Time to get it submitted to App Store. In this section, you’ll discover some great promotional tips to get more people downloading your app. PLUS… you also get access to the following resources...

A Screenshot Library: When I create software, it’s enormously helpful to have an active reference library of screenshots. In this library, you’ll have access to 10,000+ archived screenshots from thousands of iPhone apps. These are useful both for coming up with app ideas and for ideas in laying out your applications.

An Icon Library: A reference library of 3,000 icons. Ideal for inspiration and idea-generation for all your promotions.

And much, much more…

OK Then – Here’s A Reminder Of EXACTLY What All This Adds Up Into

  • Easy Outsourcing Secrets
  • Voiceover Income Secrets
  • Secret Copywriting Formula
  • Traffic Stealing Secrets
  • Public Domain Traffic Secrets
  • Income Ignition
  • Fearless Success
  • Video Squeeze Page Profits
  • Instant Traffic Ignition
  • iPhone Apps Guide.


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In fact, I know for certain that each of these Master Licenses can make you at least £10,000.00.

How? Simple – because that’s EXACTLY what I did (make £10,000.00) with a product from the SAME STABLE as the other products you’ve just seen (and made at the same time) – and all in just the few days that followed, a recent Private Invitation Only Workshop with some of my protege students.

Why? Simple. They were granted members-only accesss to a Private one-day Workshop, where I demonstrated (and PROVED) how this amazing Programme actually works.

But this was NOT dry ‘theory’ or any old ebook rubbish cobbled together. It was a LIVE, STEP-BY-STEP DEMONSTRATION – shown in front of not only attendees but their (probably skeptical) partners of how to make real money on the Internet.

But HOW Did I Do This?

Statistics From The Workshop -
Live Licensing Demo

  1. Starting from scratch – without even a domain name – I opened a hosting account and uploaded a sales page at around 10.42am on the morning of the workshop
  2. The site ‘went live’ at just after 11.15am… If I rememeber correctly, when I released a special video message during the morning coffee break.
  3. By 11:27am the first 2 orders had arrived.
  4. And by 4.59 pm just as the workshop was coming to a close the 100th online order for the day ticked into the paypal account.
  5. 12 Hours Later at 11:30am the following day this had risen to 209 sales
  6. 3 days after launch we had received 313 orders.
  7. 1 Week Later on the 30th January we had pulled in 426 orders!
  8. By the end of the 2nd Week over £10,000.00 had been generated from the licensed product!

Plus I personally think this result was made all the sweeter as the day started with with a mountain of technical problems getting the site set up! But all the doubts were soon blown away when the orders started coming in.

Yes. I proved to those lucky attendees beyond all doubt that this stuff WORKS – for real, making real money in the real world.

And now YOU get the chance to see exactly how I did it, because

When You Get Video Licensing Vault Package TODAY…
I’ll ALSO Include A Special Bonus Twin DVD Set Video Copy
Of This Private Workshop (Yours FREE With
My Compliments…)

The only “catch” with this bonus there’s no Reproduction Rights Agreement with them. Yes, these are ‘for your eyes only’. So please do not make copies of these particular DVDs, or sell or give-them away to anyone else. They are just for you!

Then again, once you see just how powerful these moneymaking tips, techniques and strategies are, I doubt you’ll want to share them with anyone.

After All, If You Can Make the Investment In Your Future Happiness And Wealth, Why Should Anyone Else Get These Valuable Secrets?

But that’s not all… Yes, there’s MORE…

That’s right…

To help you get going and in profit even faster, I’m going to give you three extra bonus gifts…And you'll be pleased to discover these bonuses DO come with EXTRA reproduction and give-away rights.

24-Hour Product Formula

[PLUS…The Product Master License, so you can promote it yourself…]

In order to make sure I give you a much as I possibly can with the Video Licensing, I've also decided to include some very special and valuable extra bonus products - ALSO WITH FULL LICENSES!

As you will discover by watching the Video Licensing Vault Bonus DVDs… The product that was launched live at the workshop in January was called "24 Hour Product Formula"… and this is the FIRST extra product that I'm giving away to you COMPLETE with a bonus license.

That's right, I am going to give you a full, life-time, worldwide, unrestricted, white-label reproduction licence to a the very product that made over £10,000 in just over 7 days COMPLETELY FREE.

And yes before you ask, (just like all the other licensed products on this page), this also includes everything you need to sell it, I'm talking about:- the sales letter, professional website graphics, the Instant Set-Up Wizard software, self running production master CD ROM and even a Video Squeeze Page - So you can collect names and email addresses of potential customers.

Plus: All the source code files so you can change or re-brand anything you so wish.

In short EVERYTHING I used live at the workshop to make sales within just minutes is included with this bonus!

If I made over £10,000 in just over a week, imagine what you could make with ALL these products during the next 12 Months or more.

FREE BONUS LICENSE #2: "The Yes Generator: How To Influence Your Customers To Say Yes Every Time"

If you’d like to discover the insider secrets of how to increase your sales and profits, then this could be the most valuable CD you listen to all year.

The YES Generator is a surprisingly simple yet highly-effective ‘join-the-dots’ psychological profiling technique. In a groundbreaking 40-minute interview I hosted with top U.K. marketing and sales expert Marc Hogan.

He shows you how to unlock the key to your customer’s deepest buying thoughts and desires.

Imagine – knowing – with absolute certainty – which ‘hot buttons’ you can press, how to press them, and when to press them to make maximum profits in minimum time. All this and more is included in the The YES Generator, in which Marc reveals:

  • The rules of marketing (and when to break them to boost your profits through the roof).
  • The psychological techniques for entering your customer’s thought patterns [PLUS: Marc’s four-step programme for turning these techniques into cold, hard cash…)
  • The buying sequences customers go through, Marc’s five-part step-by-step programme (broken down into easy to follow chunks) which you can take and use quickly and easily to increase your profits to massive levels.
  • The TWO different types of proof you need to close the sale (HINT: one is logical, the other isn’t)
  • The Armani Marketing Principle (and why going against the marketing crowd will pay rich rewards)
  • The Eternal Yes Generator (What it is, how it works, and why it’s a licence to print money–when you do it right. Don’t worry though – Marc shows you how to do it, and close more sales more quickly…)
  • CASE STUDY #1: How Marc would use The Yes Generator to sell… Chicken coops?! An in-depth look at how to sell almost anything with his programme (even Chicken coops…) Listen and learn!
  • How long should a sales message be? (Listen closely as Mark spills the beans on what he knows works, and how you could earn big money from it…)
  • The two elements of making money from your customer database and membership sites (and why you need both of these working together to make money) And much, much more…

Mark has spent over 10 years developing and honing the powerful sales secrets you’ll find in The YES Generator. It’s now so effective that it’s been proven to increase customer response by as much as 300%

And you have the FULL give-away rights to include this as a FREE BONUS for your customers too! Use it as an incentive to purchase or to sign up for your email auto-repsonder! The choice is yours.

"10 Fast Ways To Attract Traffic To Your Website"

In a recent survey I asked my customers what they wanted to know more than anyhting else about internet marketing and over 53% of them said "how to get traffic to their websites" ... So here is another fantastic bonus for you.

Imagine being able to generate all the leads, traffic, & high converting customers your website can handle!

Discover all the traffic methods used by the experts in this secret recording I made with another of the UK's top Internet Marketers, Neil Stafford.

  • Under the radar secrets - Learn a free way to make sure your work can be found in found in ALL positions 1-10 of Google WITHOUT PAYING A SINGLE PENNY! (This information is a HOT SECRET!)
  • How to create a tsunami of regular traffic - Don't waste time trying to figure out how to get a few visitors to your website - Discover the secrets to starting traffic stream you simply WON'T STOP even if you wanted to!
  • Secret Search Engine tricks that bash the competition - Learn the ingenious little secrets that allow you to identify your competitors and exploit all of their weaknesses to make even more money for yourself!
  • Highly qualified traffic In 15 Minutes or less -This little understood paid-for traffic method gives you instantly measurable results. But … there are a few things you have to know to put mega money in your pocket.
  • Advanced strategies to earn more - Get your website mentioned in the main stream media! This is such a powerful secret that one person I gave this secret to recently had his website mentioned on Sky Sports during a high profile football match! The result? Tons of quality traffic flooded his website.

PLUS of course, I'm also giving you the FULL give-away rights to include this product as a FREE BONUS for ALL your customers too! This way you can use it as an incentive for your customers to purchase from YOU! Or to sign up for your email auto-repsonder! The choice is yours.

What can you do with all of these GREAT products?

You have the complete lifetime worldwide rights to do with them
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3. Sell the Reprint Rights - You could simply sell reprint rights and, by making sure the CD-Roms are loaded with your affiliate links, you profit at least twice - and probably much more. You make money on sales, but you're also loading the product with your own affiliate links to the net, putting you in front of every new customer that ever buys the product from the reseller!

4. Sell Rebranded Resale Rights - You could rebrand each product with your client's name and charge them a hefty redesign fee. This way you keep the source code safe and your clients get a very saleable product to build their own businesses on.

5. Make A Tidy Profit From All That You Have Learned - Every one of these 10 products and 3 bonuses is a pure treasure trove of online wealth! The information they contain is hugely valuable and highly desirable information both you and other people want to know.

In fact if you have over 27 hours of Video included in this package. Business information like this has an incredible value. Just use the secrets held within each product and you will dramatically increase your own online income.

** Apart from a handful of basic business terms, there are literally no limits to what you can do and so very many opportunities for you to explore and exploit!

OK, so what exactly am I offering you?

EVERYTHING! (And How You Can Make Money From It…)

For starters, you get superb sales and marketing copy written in a PROVEN formula in HTML format (sales letters, squeeze pages, confirmation pages, order forms, download pages etc). Marketing materials which have been finely tuned and that is guaranteed to pull in orders for you!

I Have Even Designed and Programed Something I Call
'Instant Set-Up Software' To Do Most of the Technical Work For You.

All you have to do is enter your own details by filling in the blanks to complete each step. Nothing could be simpler. I'll even show you exactly how to complete each of the steps via specially recorded video tutorials.

And yes I've included an Instant Setup Wizard for each of the 10 11 products (including the bonus license for the 24 Hour Product Formula)!

Because the sales letters have already been prepared for each of the 10 11 products think how much you've already saved in just copywriters' fees alone!

One sales letter, just one, could set you back over £5,000 in copywriting charges! That's over £55,000 MINIMUM for all 11 salesletters - But you'll STILL HAVE that in your pocket as there's no writer's fees to pay whatsoever!

You ALSO Get My Extra-Special KUNAKI GATEWAY Online Application…

In layman’s terms, the Kunaki Gateway is the ‘App’ which bridges the gap between your PayPal Account saying “you have money”, and being able to automatically let your fulfillment house know to make and send the product direct to your customers home - Without you having to lift a finger!

This clever online application means your computer doesn't even need to be connected to the internet for your business to opperate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And can even take money, sell products and instruct your fulfilment house while you are asleep or enjjoying a well deserved holiday.

With the Kunaki Gateway working hard for you sending all the orders to your dedicated duplication and fullfillment center - You'll be able to enjoy a REAL ‘hands-free’ business. And by the way If you think theis sounds expensive, it really isn't. You can open an account for free, and you only have to pay AFTER you have sold a copy of your product... and then they only charge $1 plus postage. Trust me this is a fantastic benefit of running this kind of business.

Professionally Created Product Graphics, Web Templates And Video Squeeze Pages

Not only are there great sales letters for each product, but each of them also comes fully backed up by outstanding graphic design work. By designers that understand direct marketing principles.

These graphics and web-templates will help ensure your customers desire your products even more!

Have I Left Anything Out?

I don't know, let's see...

The products, the explanations, the reports, the research, the salesletters, the webtemplates, the graphic design, the software, the results... - Everything you need to be successful with ANY SINGLE PRODUCT is being given to you as part of this fabulous offer!

Let me tell you that if an opportunity like this was available when I was starting out
it was well hidden.... Really well hidden!

You want to know something personal? It took me years of stumbling, trial and error, sleepless nights to put together what I am handing over to you. My goodness, even the secret information of how to accept credit card orders from customers... no matter what your own credit rating might be! And listen, I'm going to show you a way to accept credit card payments - and you won't even need a merchant account!

How valuable is that? But wait, there’s more…

I Will Even Personally Guide You Through
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Sell These Great Products Online!

I'm so excited and I really and truly want you to do great things with this profitable, money making license vault package that I'm taking no chances. I'm going to make sure that with every order pulling product in the package you'll be getting...

  • Step-By-Step Instructions - To help you set up each product for sale. Nothing will be left out. I'll explain exactly what you should be doing at each step.
  • Video Tutorials - Via state-of-the-art video training, I'll show you precisely which buttons to click, what to type and when to do it. I'll be there to help you every step of the way.


  • Additional Articles - instructional help, encouragement and motivation to help you crack the £300k per year sales target.

  • Instant Set-Up Wizard - A "fill in the blanks" software program that automatically creates product sales pages for you.

  • The ‘Kunaki Gateway’ - Another "fill in the blanks" solution which automatically sends customer orders to your duplication an international fulfilment centre... Again everything is simple to set up and virtually operates itself.

You know, there's really a lot of valuable information in this package. The concepts have been proven, tested and verified. And as you would have read, I've made a huge chunk of change from licensing. After all, you’ll see in PROVEN on camera – LIVE – in front of 100 people at my 24-Hour Product Formula Workshop.

But how will you know if it will work for you?

Well, quite honestly, you don't. And, I don't know if it will work for you either. There's no guarantee ... Just like there's no guarantee that anyone who steps one foot inside a gym will become a superfit human all 'muscled and pumped' It will take some action on your part too.

However, here's what I do know.

I know that if you've a desire to get out of the rut you may be in right now and prepared to take a little action to leave your current financial situation far behind you, then I know you'll get so fabulously successful with this package and your effort, that you just won't be able to stop the flow. Now that's a beautiful thing to have happen, wouldn't you say?

And look, there's a big old movement of people who are looking for a guaranteed life. They want everything to be handed to them so they can go lie on the beach and do nothing much else. But let me tell you a little secret? Come closer... Are you ready?...

...NO-ONE I know who is making a fabulous income... spends their life on the beach!

It's true. You see, these people, (and I'm included), have so much going on that it's far more exciting rolling out projects, seeing promotions come to life, have the thrill of so much money pouring into the bank accounts that the beach is the LAST thing on our minds! And you can have that life too!

Guarantees Guarantees Guarantees

I don't know if this is true about everyone's thinking, but I recently heard this about a person who was on the fence about purchasing a box of information products from another vendor.

His thoughts were, "I'm not sure I want to buy it because there are NO GUARANTEES mentioned for the product." Even though there was proof enough about the 'system' itself.

I thought long and hard about that. What it really boiled down to was that this person was actively looking for a reason for things NOT to work for him. I mean, he was already saying to himself that "maybe I'll work this system, and maybe I won't"... though there's a safety net if I need it.

Until now, all my products have come with a 100% money back guarantee. And you know what? I've had tiny returns... TINY. That's simply because the products I sell, flat out...WORK. For real. In the real world making real profits for real people.

That's why it might come as a shock the 'Video Licensing Vault Package' doesn't come with the usual guarantee. But as you're an existing Sarwan Sumon customer, and you have already downloaded the Secret Licensing Report, that alone tells me you have a particular steel and integrity about you and you're different from everyone else. You know, all these other people, the tyre-kickers and timewasters. But I know you’re better than that.

You see, there is no money-back guarantee with Video Licensing Vault, because I’m giving you Legal Permission to sell and profit from my copyrighted material. Once you enter into the agreement, it’s legally binding, and cannot be revolked which is why there’s no guarantee with this particular product.

I doubt very much that you have a 'refund mentality' or will be going off 'half heartedly' at things, expecting weak, mediocre results. Knowing this and understanding the true value of what you are being handed here in this Video Licensing Vault Package, I know you'll understand my reasoning behind the decision not to offer a guarantee. After all, because you're being given everything you need to succeed with each product, including the legal permission to resell each product as your own, it would be nigh-on impossible for me to revoke your license in the case of a refund anyway. Not to mention the Video PROOF that just one of the products pulled in over £10,000.00 in sales in just a few weeks!…

And that's precisely why I have made this unique licensing offer, pretty irresistible… You see, as part of the package, and in accepting these terms, you'll also get the opportunity to partner with me in a deal where it could net you up to...

£100,000.00 in Your Pocket!

And look, if you haven't seen the figures regarding the type of money I make in Licensing and Joint Ventures, take another look at just one of my ventures below: 641,585.15 less costs of £68,355.00 to leaves me with a healthy profit of... £573,230.15 in 12 months!

Now wouldn't you want a bite of THAT kind of pie?

Don't you think that what you'll invest in the Video Licensing Vault Package, will be nothing short of a packet of peanuts when you consider what's on the table here? Gosh I hope so. (Details of this quite humongous opportunity will be included in your WELCOME PACKAGE once you confirm your order) .

But that's not all!

You see, I've got a few more goodies up my sleeve for you. And why shouldn't I? This fabulous package is the best thing I've offered and guess what?... There's only a small group of people who'll ever get to read about this, and that's exactly the way I like it.

Don't you just hate it when someone waltzes in and jumps the queue and grabs the stuff on offer! I sure do. That's why I'm making sure that only people like you who have already studied my information about product licensing are invited to make a decision on this.

It will NOT go out to anyone who isn't already an existing customer of mine. Only to ‘doers’ like you who’ve shown they’re serious about earning massive wealth.

And look, there's something else...

You've read about my commitment to not leave on your own, stranded, like most probably would. Well, again, I'm putting my money where my reputation lies. That's because I'm going to give you a...

Personal Warp Speed Licensing Consultation With Me Worth £500.00... FREE!

As you'll have gathered by now, the licensing business has changed my life. And there's no reason on earth why you too can't make a fortune from this business in the same way. A business which has been pulling me in a minimum of £15,000.00 per month and as much as £50,000.00+ per month on several occasions.

But look, as long winded as trial and error was for me, and even though you've got the best money making License Package you'll see in the market anywhere, I still realise that you may need the help and advice to help you crack on to make your first bundle.

If that's so, my laser focused, intense Personal 1-2-1 Licensing Consultation, a 20-minute motivational phone conversation will ramp up your thinking, boost your energy and give you the fastest way to make your investment back and then some!

Quite frankly, this session could be the most exciting and the most money generating call you would have ever had. In fact, I suggest you record the call you can refer to it again and again. Yes, it's that priceless.

Bluntly, I earn far in excess of £1000.00 per hour but I feel you'll start getting into the big pay leagues with what I'll share with you in this powerful, warp speed consultation.



Listern.  Don't take my word for it.  Here are a couple of testmonials which speak for themselves. Take a look at what Simon Mo had to say...

Here is another testmonial from Jay Latif...

"As a non-techy person I dread calling anyone about IT problems as usually I am bamboozled by technical questions which I often don't understand - let alone can answer. So it has been a very refreshing to have someone like Sarwan patiently help me out without making me feel like a complete idiot regarding the video licensing vault.

Sarwan in the first instant has been supper efficient in my queries, professional to the core and knowledgeable and most importantly friendly and reassuring. This venture will be marketed shortly but everything is now set up and ready to go. To say the least I'm very excited as the potential for the business in a box is limitless. Thanks Sarwan" 

Jay Latit

What more can I tell you?

 There's really nothing else to say, except this - you are getting the work of real professionals who have spent hours and hours, months and months and years of years of their time and skill, refining, honing, sharpening, altering and changing anything and everything to make sure that EVERY SINGLE product delivers maximum profit opportunities.
If you want products that work and that ask so little of you in terms of time effort and energy…

If you want sure-fire winners that will deliver your dreams…

If you want businesses that work right out of the box…

Then my Video Licensing Vault is exactly what you need. 

Your Chance To Join An Elite Club
(Where Membership Gives You Huge Privileges)

Finally, I'm making this offer to you because we already have a close business relationship.

Your personal success means a lot to me and I am determined to do everything that I possibly can to help you to succeed in all of the ways you have ever imagined. I look forward to putting YOUR name and photograph up on a website like this in the future, telling people about YOUR success.

I know what it feels like to have a business that works!

It is immense!

The sense of control and achievement is hard to describe, but I want you to experience that, first hand, for yourself.

And I am absolutely certain that when you invest in this ready-to-market Information publishing empire for just £1,297+VAT £697 +VAT - (sent direct to you by 24-hour courier service) - You'll net huge returns.

By the way, that works out to be an investment of £130+VAT just £69.70+VAT per product. Where else could you get a quality readymade products, professional salesletters, graphic design. webtemplates, automatic software and step by step instructions for a price like that?

Most people would pay more than that for their Sky TV Package every couple of months... and watching TV every day won't make you anywhere near as much money as this Video Licensing Vault package could...


Getting Hold of Your Video Licensing Vault Package
Couldn't Be Easier!

Simply choose the order option that suits you best from the options below and I'll rush on of these pre-boxed up packages to you right away...

  1. Online Credit Card Orders. Click the image above to securely reserve your Video Licensing Vault Package online using your chosen credit or debit card in one payment of £1297+VAT £697+VAT by clicking the button below

2. Split Payment Plan Option: securely reserve your full Video Licensing Vault Package.   Just  £240+VAT today and  2 equal monthly payments of same using your chosen credit or debit card by clicking the button below (there will charge of  £23 extra if you decide split your payments up which is included.)

3. By Post: Unhappy with using your credit card online? No problem. Just pop a cheque in the post to me, but made out directly to my publishers InfoVault Limited at the address below:

Post to: InfoVault Limited,
10 Eltham Avenue, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 5TH

With the Video Licensing Vault package you can have each of your licensed product up on the internet and ready to sell in just minutes and, over the longer term that'll mean massive returns for the lifetime of your investment.

You’ll Have To Be Quick –
This Offer Closes When The Last License Is Allocated

Please do take the time today to consider my offer carefully - but you mustn't wait too long.

I expect these licenses to go extremely quickly, and reserve the right to close this special offer for the Video Licensing Vault Package offer even earlier. When the time’s up, that's it. There'll be no more.

And whilst I know this limits things for me slightly, I'm happy to do this in order to ensure a certain amount of exclusivity for this offer among my Licensing Vault customers.

So please don't miss out! Secure Your Package now grab one of the few packages I have available.

Never before I have never put together such a package of my own sure-fire winners and offered it to a select number of my own customers.

I've done it, as I said, because many of my customers who have already studied my information about product licensing have asked me to find them video-based licensing products that they could resell.

Yes, I'll admit that it took me a little time to make the perfect product selection from my very own vault of red hot winners, but at last - they're all here!

These are 10 sizzling hot products (plus three great bonus licensed products) that are just raring to go. They are fully primed and ready for you to make some really serious money! If of course you are ready to give it your best shot!

If you could roll the dice and know that you'd win every time … you would never leave the table. Well I've loaded the dice in your favour - are you now ready to WIN BIG and just keep on winning for the lifetime of your purchase?

These products give you an instant video publishing empire in a box for very minimal effort and outlay. And I know (based on my own experience of making money from this fantastic business model) if you make the right decision now you will be banking the profits for a very long time to come.


Sarwan Sumon

PS. 10 fantastically successful products are yours with unreserved, lifetime, worldwide licensing rights for just £1297+vat £697+vat. YOU simply cannot fail to make money from this profit-spinning package!

PPS. I am limiting the release of my Video Licensing Vault Packages. That's because I DON'T want to swamp the market, but I DO want the people who are prepared to stand up and shout "Yes!" to get really big bites of the cherry. Now, are you ready to say Yes! to pocket-bulging profits?

PPPS. Please click here only if you have decided NOT to continue.

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